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Inovatus is an analytical consultancy focused on delivering robust, innovative and proven solutions addressing claims fraud mitigation, premium leakage and underwriting cost optimization to the Property
and Casualty Insurance Industry. Our comprehensive analysis capabilities
allow our clients to get the facts, make decisions and go forward with confidence and courage.

Consumer Validation Technology (CVT™)

CVT is designed to mitigate claims fraud thus a reduction of claims payments due to the incidence of premeditated claims fraud (hard fraud) and in the identification and proper classification of risk (thus charging the appropriate premium) during the point of sale process (aka mitigating premium leakage).

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Premium Recover Model (PReMo™)

Premium Leakage has
become an industry epidemic. Conservative industry estimates put the problem at more than 10% of annual premium, an almost $15B problem. The effects of premium leakage have resulted in inflation of consumer premium. In response to this urgent industry need, Inovatus has created and piloted a service called Premium Recovery Model (PReMo).

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Intelligent Data Ordering (IDO™)

IDO is an innovative, rules based, data acquisition engine that is designed to reduce the costs associated with the retrieval and processing of the significant amount of information required to quote and underwrite a property and casualty insurance policy.

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Quality of Book & Policy Claims Analysis (CVT)

As illustrated in our APEx™ methodology, Inovatus analytical personnel first perform an assessment (Assess, Plan, and Execute™) of the carrier’s policies in force (PIF). The results of these analytical processes establish a baseline upon which Inovatus can forecast the efficacy and performance of our models and solutions.

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